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Make a wise choice
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We call for transparency in supply chains and challange big tea companies to reveal the working conditions of workers in tea farms. Together we can make positive impact – choose Yatea. 

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Why choose our Tea Shop?


Our tea has organic certifications, guaranteed without artificial aromas, additives or preservatives.

Socially Responsible

Our tea shop carefully selects suppliers in order to make sure the product is manufactured in a socially fair way, with no use of child labour and no harmful impact on environment

Eco Package

Biodegradable Packaging. We provide only loose leaf tea to save our Planet.

Unique Taste

We provide finest teas from mystical places all around the world We propose also unique blends and herbal mixes like hemp tea.

Buy Organic Tea - Tea Shop - Hemp Tea

New Japanese Tea

Premium BIO

Absolutely unique traditional Japanese tea! A sencha tea where roasted rice has been added. The roasted rice gives the tea a very crispy taste. Discover benefits of green tea!

100% money - back guarantee

You trust us with buying our organic tea. If you are not happy with your purchase, Yatea will provide you with a free replacement or a 100% refund for the product. 

Discover Hemp Tea

The biggest tea discovery of 2020! Hemp provides deep relaxation, good sleep and helps with insomnia. It has no hallucination effect and has THC < 0.2%

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