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Hi, I am Justina. In 2013 I travelled to Japan from Luxembourg where took part in a Japanese culture class. That was the day when I discovered a real, full of flavour green tea and experienced a tea ceremony. It changed my life because it gave me inspiration and fascination.

I have been one of those people who buy an ordinary tea in a teabag (packed in a plastic bag) in a normal grocery store. Well, let’s be honest who does not do it? Tea in Europe is kind of a necessity, an ordinary thing, not a magical ingredient that makes our day a bit more enjoyable or…changes our life. No wonder, as tea was introduced late in Europe and has not won such a strong tradition as in Asia.

If you look at the ordinary tea sold in a any grocery shop..let’s be honest it is a disgrace. Packaged in a plastic, moreover the famous teabags contain microplastic that you poor willingly into your cup ( but probably have no idea about)..several times a day.

And there is more…big tea corporations use very unethical methods to collect the tea by exploiting families and children in countries such as China, India, Sri Lanka. At the same time, big tea companies contribute to monoculture, fertilising land and soil damage on a big scale. As there is not much environmental protection in such countries, those companies easily get a way with immoral practices.

Therefore I decided to be a part of the change and offer a tea that can be an alternative: sustainable but also sourced in an ethical way. By buying tea from a smaller producer such as Yatea – you contribute to a social change and create a positive impact.

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