Fleurs de chanvres organiques (moulus)


Rich in Cannabidiol (CBD), THC < 0.2%. Size: 30g (ground form)

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Fleurs de chanvres organiques (moulus)

Our Organic Hemp Flowers are 100% natural, organic products grown in Greece from selected buds of Cannabis sativa L., varieties Futura 75 and Fedora 17. Naturally dried, harvested and packaged by hand in a certified processing facility. Hemp plant that has been around for millennia and has amazing benefits.

Offer your body the relaxation and rest it deserves after a full day. Add CBD rich hemp flowers into your diet and observe the difference to your body with this entirely natural support. We recommend organic hemp flowers for natural detoxification of the body and relaxing effects. You can drink it anytime during the day. In fact, either warm or cold, with lemon or honey.

This hemp flowers (ground) is an amazing addition to your day. Hemp plant that has been around for millennia. Mostly contributing to folk medicine, as well as food preparation, textiles, paper and other industries. In Europe, hemp cultivars legally allowed for production may not exceed 0.2% THC on a dry weight basis.

N'oublions pas nos racines et buvons-le avec une gorgée d'une boisson naturelle.

What are amazing benefits of CBD products?

Main benefits of hemp tea that contains CBD are: elevating mood, treatment of epilepsy, provide soulagement des difficultés de sommeil occasionnelles. Additionally, hemp tea may also help maintain immune system health. Furthermore, it supports cartilage and joint function, promote relaxation, and help maintain cardiovascular function and a healthy circulatory system.

Sirotez du thé de chanvre pour vous calmer et vous évader de votre stress quotidien.

Recommended for natural detoxification of the body, relaxing effects and encouraging a good appetite. Indeed, you can drink organic hemp flowers anytime during the day, either warm or cold, with lemon or honey.

We recommend to use it for tea, vaporizing or other activities, for example: cooking.

Cannabidiol is better absorbed in the presence of oil or milk, or through the heating of vaporization. Therefore we recommend adding fat for the infusion of our hemp flowers such as butter, milk or coconut oil for more intense flavors.


Dégustation: a un goût doux, frais et légèrement sucré. C'est un thé parfait à tout moment de la journée. Il ne contient pas de caféine.


Préparation: Mix 1 teaspoon with 0.3 l water at a temperature of about 90°C.  Let seep for 5 minutes. Besides as a hot beverage, hemp tea can also be prepared cool or as a hemp syrup.

Enjoy your cup of favourite hemp mixture!

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Certifications: Certified Organic Agriculture.

Our products are 100% organic, harvesting and processing takes place in a certified facility. Our products are 100% legal and comply with European Union regulations, certified THC-low content (<0.2%) and subject to strict regular checks.


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